Water sports and Scuba diving at Malvan

Travellers and tourists would be picked up from Calangute or the Candolim Bridge. The pickup service would be scheduled according to the convenience of them. However, the time is generally scheduled at 7:00 A.M. in the morning. You would be driven to the Malvan beach right from this spot, and the ride would take place via a motorboat. The days get a kick start right from the moment of your arrival on the beach. Your day would be packed with some amazing outdoor activities which would be inclusive of scuba diving, parasailing, banana ride, bumper ride and many more. Professionals handle these activities, and thus your safety is ensured as it is of utmost concern to them. Patients with heart diseases or the one with vertigo should not opt for such rides as the rides could turn out dire for them. The list of rides to enjoy are as follows: scuba diving which would be for around twenty minutes along with the divemaster, boat ride, under-the-sea experience, banana ride, bumper ride, sleeping bumper, jet ski, speed boat, and parasailing. Human fuels:

The arrangement of food is un-dubiously fine. Meals include packed breakfast and lunch available in both veg and non-veg. Besides, baby food is also available, which might require some extra charges.

Other inclusions:

Prior to the commencement of the outdoor activities listed above, the riders are made to undergo training sessions for some time. This is done in order to divest the riders of fears and confusion. PADI instructor would be present underwater as well. Riders or swimmers can also avail underwater photos and videos. Things that should be in possession-

Though the trip would be a memorable one for various reasons. One of the reasons is that all the amenities that would be provided by the trip managers but it is also recommended to the guests to carry certain things of their own. Things that should be carried should include comfortable pairs of footwear (not more than one), bathing suit, sunscreen, shades and an extra set of clothes.

These are recommended to be carried in order to avoid any hassles if any emerges at all. In case if the travelers and tourists have confronted any problem regarding their carriage then they can avail of the things from the hotel they would be checking in. These are certain things that should be carried must on beach rides. After all the briefings on the trips and the rides that people would be enjoying, it is important to list some advisories so that the trip could be pulled off on an enjoyable and triumphant note.

  • Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited. Carrying any other intoxicating product is punishable during this trip.
  • Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited. Carrying any other intoxicating product is punishable during this trip.
  • The instructions should carefully be paid heed to. The instructor shall not be held responsible in case of any accidents if caused by negligence, ignorance or disobedience.
  • The water sports might even get cancelled if the weather is not appropriate as cyclones or water storms are very common occurrences in the areas located near to the sea. Water rides during such harsh weather conditions might have dire consequences for the riders as such stunts might turn out to be dangerous if carried out during inappropriate weather conditions.
  • Travellers are expected to handle equipment with care and concern. They will be liable to pay if any damage is caused to any equipment.
  • Kids below ten years of age would not be allowed for any of the rides listed above.
  • Refunds would not be applicable in case you fail to be comfortable or cancel the trip during scuba diving.
  • You would have to undergo certain tests, and you are also requested to produce medical history if there is any. In such cases, you would not be allowed to avail any ride as it can take a toll on your health. You need to let the trip arrangers know about this at the very beginning of the trip. If you have been a heart-patient or you are clinically diagnosed with asthma or any such ailments, you would not be allowed for the rides.
  • Parasailing and Jet Ski are circumscribed in a certain time period as they are included in the package. You will not be allowed to exceed the time limit. Your trip would commence only after you agree with all the terms and conditions and the cancellations and refund policies. Being in accordance with the policies and conditions of the trip advisors will make your trip smooth and memorable.